Celebrating 70 YEARS
in Pakistan

Who We Are

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan was established in 1950 by the governments of Pakistan and the United States.

USEFP is guided by a binational commission composed of an equal number of Pakistanis and Americans, with the Chair alternating each year between a Pakistani and an American. USEFP is one of 49 "Fulbright Commissions" located throughout the world. Since 1951 when the first group of Pakistani grantees traveled to America and in 1952 when the first American grantees visited Pakistan, the USEFP has fostered mutual understanding between the people of Pakistan and the people of the United States through educational and cultural exchange. More than 8,000 Pakistanis and around 935 Americans have participated in USEFP administered exchange programs.

The Foundation receives support and counsel from both the Pakistan and U.S. governments, but it is not an agency of either. The Foundation supervises a variety of programs that send Pakistani students and scholars to American campuses while bringing American scholars to universities in Pakistan. The goal of all USEFP programs is to help Pakistanis learn more about the U.S. and to help Americans learn more about Pakistan and its people.

1. Mrs. Farah Hamid Khan Secretary - Government of Pakistan
2. Dr. Najma Najam Former Vice Chancellor
3. Dr. Mohammad Rasul Jan Vice Chancellor
4. Mr. Mohyuddin Ahmad Wani Additional Secretary - Government of Pakistan
5. Mr. Raymond A. Castillo Minister Counselor for Public Affairs
6. Ms. Farah Chery-Medor Country Cultural Affairs Officer
7. Mr. Philip N. Assis Deputy Cultural Affairs Officer
8. Mr. Zaid A. Abuhouran Acting Director, Education Office